Ten Marks

This is a new program recently added to my repertoire.  It is great in the fact that it is easy to set up, implement, and track student learning and progress. As a teacher, you simply add the students names, choose your question level bank, and assign the work to the students as they progress through.  There is a great Dashboard that gives you immediate colored graphs showing how the students are doing

Each question gives immediate feedback on how they did, and if they missed it, they can see a quick lesson and video on how to properly complete that type of problem.  I tell the kids they need to receive an 8/10 or better to move past the assignment. 

I have seen a lot of growth already from this program.  And its FREE!! 

Here is an excerpt from their website:

At TenMarks, we believe that students learn best when they’re engaged, nurtured, and motivated, and that teachers are key to improving math achievement. To help maximize teacher effectiveness in the classroom and to make their lives easier, we’ve created a web-based learning environment that simplifies assignments, automates grading, and drives student learning through engaging videos and interactive lessons.

The TenMarks curriculum is rigorous and engaging and is built on our research-based instructional philosophy – practice, instruction, assessment, and intervention – and helps students build conceptual understanding as well as develop computational and procedural fluency, resulting in strong math foundations.




  1. Patty · January 28, 2013

    This sounds like a commercial for Ten Marks. These seem like glorified worksheets to me with lots of fancy graphs to show how well students do on worksheets. Where is the instruction? Where is the problem-solving? I know it’s free but student time is so very valuable. Every minute counts!

    • jupiter325 · January 28, 2013

      Hi Patty,
      This is not a stand alone program. It enhances what has already been taught by spiraling and providing practice in those areas. The students receive immediate feedback from each question. They are then able to get an explanation as to why it was wrong and a video tutorial if they need more help. I use this in Extended Day and as center/home practice.
      Hope this helps.

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