Essential iPad and iPhone Apps

Today I am going to list some apps that I think any new or veteran iOS user should be including on their iPad or iPhone.

  1. Netflix -free    Movie and TV Streaming
  2. Crackle-free   Movie and TV Streaming
  3. Flipboard-free   News and Feeds customized for your liking
  4. Flixster-free    Movie News and Times
  5. IMDB-free  Movie Information
  6. Pandora-free  Radio Streaming
  7. Remote-free  Controlling Apple TV and Mac Products through Wi-Fi
  8. Evernote-free  Cloud Service Notes and Writing
  9. Find iPhone-free  Enables you to find and lock your iOS Devices remotely
  10. Ultimate Password Manager-$4  A password locker to store securely all your passwords
  11. Google Earth-free   3D rendering of the Earth
  12. Amazon-free  Shopping
  13. Ebay-free  Shopping
  14. Apps Gone Free-free  Lets you know when paid apps are free for a limited time only
  15. Appsfire Deals-free    Lets you know when paid apps are free for a limited time only
  16. Pinterest-free  Accumulation of awesome ideas on the web
  17. Cards-free  Lets you send customized cards to people anywhere for $3
  18. Yelp-free  Travel and food information
  19. The Weather Channel-free  Weather
  20. Reeder-$5  RSS Feeds Reader
  21. Appadvice-$2  Gives you tips and news on new apps
  22. ESPN Sportcenter-free   Sporting News
  23. Pocket-free  Custom News Feed
  24. My Fitness Pal-free  Health and Food tracker
  25. Dropbox-free  Links to a Cloud account for access to files from anywhere

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