The Importance of iCloud

I feel that it is important to encourage anyone with an iOS device, with iCloud, to use this service as your primary backup.  The reasons are many but the main ones are as follows:

1.  If you ever lose your device or buy a new one  this backup will make the new purchase seamless.

2.  Well, I guess there is only one!

I have helped several people switch their backup from their computer to the cloud and it has made a big difference in their mobile world. 

When the new update iOS 6 came out, if you had the backup set to the cloud it was easy to download and install the new update.  If not, you had to back up to your computer, then you could install the update.  A friend had backed up her iPhone to an old computer that she didn’t even have anymore.  This was a problem to keep her information on her phone when she unknowingly installed the update and it wiped out her phone.  Luckily Apple has the ability to re-download previous apps and the Photostream service.  Unfortunately for those that didn’t initiate the Photostream in the beginning, all those photos are lost.

Please ensure your main backup is iCloud and not a computer.


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