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Blog Ideas for my classroom

One idea for this blog is to act as a sounding board for other educators to discuss topics relevant to their classrooms and difficulties they may be having implementing certain technologies and processes.  Acting as a “host”, people could log on and reply back with tips and tricks they have found helpful if they have encountered the same situations.

I can also use this space to share ideas that I have about implementing technology into the classroom and showcase some of the successes and fails that have occurred in this learning process.

This blog will enhance the classroom by encouraging people to share their own ideas for classroom advances and new ideas for teachers and educators.

This blog is a great idea for my classroom because it will allow me to get help with new technologies and concepts others have found successful in their classroom and schools.

4th Grade

Cheyenne, WY

Standardized Testing

As I wander my classroom, monitoring my class as they engage in the Measurement of Academic Progress assessment, I can’t help but to feel helpless in the fact that I cannot aid them in their journey to achieve not only a higher score than their initial test taken back in September, but a score that exhibits the amount of growth they have achieved in the 4 months we have been in school thus far.  I watch their faces make interesting expressions as they process the question on the computer screen. Some actually look like they are in pain.  Others look like zombies from movies.  Blank stares.  Mouth slightly open.  Today’s test will take an average of 60-80 minutes to complete.  Multiply this by 3 for each core subject. Is this the best use of our time?

National Board Certification

In November I became a National Board Certified Teacher!
3 long hard years truly paid off. Both monetarily and professionally. I really didn’t think I would be as excited as I am, but I really am proud of this accomplishment.

This process really taught me a lot about myself as a teacher and professional. 100% worth the time and effort.